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    LEVEL TWOTM SECURITY PAPER has a number of unique Security Features
    designed to provide extra an "extra level" of document protection.
    Thus it is easier to identify an original document since it is impossible to
    accurately copy
    a document printed on LEVEL TWO Security Paper.

    Features include:

    • Check Weight Paper
      60# (offset) - Check Weight Paper
      Sheet Size: 8-1/2" x 11"

    • Hidden Message TechnologyTM
      When a document printed on LEVEL TWO DOCUMENT SECURITY PAPER has been copied the words "COPY VOID UNAUTHORIZED COPY" appear on the photocopy in the background over the entire sheet.
      Hidden Message Technology
    • Micro Line SecureTM
      "MICRO WORDS" Security Technology
      Micro Printed Words "LEVEL TWO" appear on the face of this sheet.

    • Secure RubTM
      "COLOR CHANGE" Security Technology
      Micro Printed Words "LEVEL TWO" appear on the face of this sheet. Since Color Change Ink is sensitive to temperature changes,
      these words briefly disappear when touched or rubbed.

    • UV SecureTM
      Black Light Security

      Words Printed in Secure "UV Ink" on back of sheet are only visible when viewed under "black Light".

    • Distinctive BLUE SECURITY background
      Distinctive BLUE Background provides "INK ERASURE" Protection

    • Toner Fuse Technology
      causes Laser Toner to bond permanently to the paper surface.
      Toner Fuse

    • CheckProtect ® Full Solvent Reactivity
      6-Language Brown Bleach Stain Void and Solvent Dye Reaction.
      Chemical Reactivity

    • Anti-Copy WatermarkTM
      “Security "CHECK PROTECT" and "STAR" MARKINGS
      on back of sheet

      Hold sheet on a 45 degree angle to view security markings.
      Artificial Watermark
    • Anti-Copy Coin RubTM
      Rub a coin over the back of the sheet to activate this feature
      Coin Activated security

    • BasketWeave SecureTM
      Wire Wove Basket Weave Security on back of sheet
      Unique Mesh Safety Paper background appears on
      the back of the sheet.
      This special security feature prevents "cut and paste"
      Basket weave security

    ............. ORIGINAL --------------------------------------------- COPY

    It is important to note that copier technology is ever changing.
    Thus messages hidden on Document Security Paper will appear most of the time.
    However messages cannot be guaranteed to appear 100% of the time
    when used with all copiers or scanners.

    I made a copy on my photocopier and the hidden message did not appear.
    Please READ

    To Order LEVEL TWO Security Paper:
    Level Two

    100 sheets per package
    $ 20.00 per package
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    Level Two

    500 sheets per package
    $ 80.00 per package
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    Level Two

    1,000 sheets per package
    $145.00 per carton
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    Level Two

    2,000 sheets per package
    $260.00 per carton
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    Additional Information:
    Security Paper is used to help prevent the unauthorized duplication of any document.
    This is accomplished by placing A NUMBER OF SECURITY FEATURES into the base
    paper stock onto which the document is printed.
    To secure a document, it is very important
    to use multiple security features.

    A document which contains only one feature, a VOID background for example,
    may be duplicated on some photo copiers
    without the word VOID showing up on the copy.
    A security watermark such as used on Level TWO Document Security Paper,
    is virtually impossible to accurately photocopy or scan.
    REMEMBER ~ Security Paper is used to help prevent accurate Document Duplication.
    While Document Security Paper offers protection against unauthorized duplication, the image can still be copied or scanned. The text or graphics will be visible
    on the copy and can be read.
    However it will be possible to determine which document is the original
    and which is the copy.

    Under our licensing agreement, all orders for Document Security Paper are
    reviewed by our Document Security Compliance Team. Security paper applications
    and its use is controlled by the Document Security Paper Mills.
    “Inappropriate Use” of these products can result in suspension of material
    supply. “Inappropriate Use” is defined as "use for illegal duplication of
    protected and/or copyright documents, duplication or unauthorized production
    of School Transcripts, Diplomas, Licenses, Rx prescriptions, Permits,
    Certificates or in the production of faux documents."

    Acceptance of any and all orders for Document Security Paper is at the
    discretion of the Document Security Compliance Team.

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    Level 2 Tamper Resistant Document Security Paper
    Manufactured by Micro Format where
    Document Security Paper IS OUR BUSINESS ....
    Not A Side Line !

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